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Step 79. Set a specific power goal

youThe was one step play a circle game – just few weeks ago. There I wrote about drawing 4 circles and putting in each other the life dream, year dream, month dream and day dream. Everything is related, as everyday we should do something what would make our month better, then the year would be better and it would be closer to our life dream.

So, this life dream should be the thing which moves us, the reason to live, to wake up in the morning and move, do the things. We should be honest with ourselves and ask – what makes us breath, move everyday, stand up when we fall?

For me, I guess, I move myself when I’m thinking about travels. When I’m planning, when I’m discovering, anytime I have a possibility, I always try to use it. So, I guess, my specific power goal is a travel around the world. Sometimes I forget it, but at the end it’s the thing which moves me, that someday maybe I’ll do it. And one of the objectives of this year, is to start to save little by little money for this. I don’t expect to be a lot of, because it’s still hard to get a job in Lithuania, also I’m thinking about Erasmus practice and Erasmus studies, so I would spend some money there. Anyway, if I reached to save some little part, that would be the first step. And next year it would be more, later more and more… And one day maybe I would be able to do this. Alone or with my couple. If in that moment I had one.

“How can you tell if you’ve got a big enough and real enough power
goal? Simply observe the effect your goal has on you. It’s not what a
goal is that matters; it’s what a goal does

So, people, let’s make goals with a power and you’ll see how great the life can be!


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