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Step 80. Change yourself first

P1060461Let’s be honest – how many times in our lives we were trying to change other people? How many times we wanted to adapt their behaviour to suit us and make us happier? Hundreds of times, I guess… That’s a strange impression, that other people come to ourlives to make us happy. I think, they come there to teach us, to be with us when we are happy or sad, but not to MAKE us so. At the end, sadly, we are responsible for what is called our personal happiness.

As Gandhi has said some years ago,

“Be the change you wish to see in others”

So S.Chandler suggests the same – instead of expecting somebody to fit our wishes, just change ourselves and show the example to people of what we want.

By being what you want them to be, you lead by inspiration. Nobody
really wants to be taught by lectures and advice. They want to be led
through inspiration.”

It’s not so easy, because some people probably would be malicious and would use others, especially the ones, who try to be good and teach others with their example. On the other hand, since we are responsible for our own behaviour, not for others, it shouldn’t be imporant. Anyway, it’s still a long path to this, to learn to handle all injustice, and to realize that not everybody is grateful that you are being a good person, or human, in short words. Although, to be good doesn’t mean to be stupid. That’s very important to understand.


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