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Step 83. Take the road to somewhere

purposeEnergy comes from purpose.

It’s what they say.

And I believe them. It’s absolute true. When we have some direction to go, we go there straight, no matter, what happens. When we are just wondering around, we stand in one place and don’t move.

There’s something more. When we have a purpose, we get some extra energy to make it true. Have you seen a mother, who’s kid is in trouble or sick? What does that mother do? Somehow she archieves to do everythind she can to help her kid. If she had to repeat this in any other situation, it would be complicated a bit.

It’s very good thing to think about today. Just from yesterday I feel a bit less motivated, with less wishes to live and do something. I don’t know why it’s so, or because my ex boyfriend has visited me this weekend and we spent 2 days together in the city, or because I’m alone here and sometimes I just need someone to be with or to talk with. Or maybe it’s because I feel like I’m not doing anything to my anthropological investigation and just wasting my time and money being here. Or maybe it’s because I’ve lost my focus on the objective and now I’m like a leave of the tree – falling down without any direction.

Knowing what you’re up to, and why you’re up to it, gives you the
energy to self-motivate. Not knowing your purpose drains you of all

And there is other very important thing. Sometimes, when thinking about the purposes, we expect, that the purposes fall down from the sky, or somebody imposes them to us. But it’s not like this. OUR aims come from OURSELVES, from our insides.

There can only be two reasons why you don’t know your purpose: 1)
you don’t talk to yourself; and 2) you don’t know where purpose comes
from. (You think purpose comes from outside yourself instead of from
Purposeful people know how to go deep into their own spirit and talk to
themselves about why they exist, and what they want to do with the gift
of life.

There is no one to blame if something goes wrong in our daily lifes. We are the ones who are responsible for it. One our step gives a start to another.

  • Purpose (madhealing13.wordpress.com)

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