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Step 85. Replace worry with action

Sometimes it seems, like to be worried is in the fashion. The person says: “I’m worried” and it’s like the reason not to do something.

When I was with my boyfriend, I was worrying for many things – the absence of the job, money, what do the others thing about me, etc. The worry was my best friend, I couldn’t go anywhere without it. Instead, I could have asked me: ok, I’m worried, what could be done for not to worry?

I’m sure, this way would have been a lot of easier and simpler. When we replace worry with an action, there is no reason to be worried anymore.

Our worrying makes the problem grow. And most of the time, we worry
it into a grotesque kind of life, a kind of Frankenstein’s monster that
frightens us beyond all reason.”

The problems which occur in our lifes, basically are created in our minds. The things which are happening, are facts, and how we react to them – some kind of interpretation, which is up to us. If we try to experiment and one day behave opposite from what we are used to do, probably soon we would see the result and some changes.

So, now, I should put this into practice. Really, lately, I’m worried about my investigation, and how should it be done, what should I do. But until now I haven’t spend some time sitting and thinking (well, I did, but not enough), or writing to my professor and asking his advice. Because if I won’t do, I would worry until the death – lately I’m even waking up in the nights with this fear that I won’t do anything, that anthopology is not my field and that I’m wasting my time here. Buff. I have to recollect myself again.

As the weekend is about to start and soon I’m going to Bilbao, and this weekend I won’t post, I want to wish everyone: Don’t worry, be happy and have an amazing weekend!!!

Agur! (Goodbye in Euskera language)


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