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Step 87. Put more enjoyment in

enjoy-lifeHave you ever thought about the difference between the pleasure and enjoyment? It seems, these words could be like synonims, but there is something what makes them a bit different. I never thought deeper, what could be this thing, but I felt, that they are not so the same..

So, S.Chandler says, that enjoyment is deeper feeling which comes when people have challenges and use their skills. Pleasure comes from some activity which we may like, but we don’t need any skill to realize it. For example, it could be watching TV, eating, drinking. Author even puts routine sex to this list. So, all the things which don’t ask to put ourselves in, gives pleasure, but not enjoyment. And for being motivated, enjoyment is needed.

There are many stories and accounts about the winners of lotteries who
are jubilant when they win, but whose lives descend into a nightmare
after acquiring that unearned money. (No challenge, no skill.) The
lottery looks like “the answer” to people because they associate money
with pleasure. But the true enjoyment of money comes in part from the
earning of it, which involves skill and challenge.”

I know from my experience how I enjoy the things which I do using my skills or having some challenges and how hard is to enjoy something what doesn’t require any effort. Maybe not “hard” but with less pleasure, with less satisfaction.



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