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Step 89. Read more mysteries

new_sherlock_holmes_by_allegator-d4ll8lpThis is a surprise for me, what S.Chandler says:

In my own ignorance, I assumed mystery novels were pretty light fare.
Hardly a challenge to the human mind. Now I’ve begun to change my
mind. Not only am I peeking into some of the mystery books she has
recommended (I’ve enjoyed Agatha Christie and Colin Dexter), but I’ve
begun to find out more about what good mystery does to the intellectual
energy of the human mind.”

I couldn’t think, that mysterious stories have some intellectual energy to the human mind, even I could quess, that if reading some good detective story you start to think and try to solve the crime, you use your brain and train it. And now it seems like it has some intelectual influence 🙂 This is one more way to the self-motivation, no? The more clever we feel, the more self-confidence we have.

When people think of personal transformation, they don’t normally
think they can strengthen their own intelligence. IQ is something our
cultural attitudes have always said we’re born with and stuck with. But
Vos Savant, whose IQ was measured at 230 (the average adult IQ is
100), believes strongly that the brain can be built as surely and as
quickly as the muscles of the body.
So the next time you feel like curling up with a good mystery, don’t feel
guilty or nonproductive. It might be the most productive thing you’ve
done all day.



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