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Step 91. Exploit your weakness

WeaklingDo you know that you can make your weakness your strenghtness? 

What does it depend on? 

Probably, like the most things in this life – it depends on the point of view. 

Let’s make one exercise.

Take a piece of paper, divide it into two parts. One part is for your strenghtness, the other – for the weakness.

Have you got it? Ok, now, the part with your strenghtness which you have already written, goes to some visible place to remind you your strong parts.

The second piece of weakness comes in front of your eyes. Look at it. Look at it carefully. Think about each weakness. Think about it as long as you need, until it stops to embarass you, until you stop feeling ashame of it and start thinking: ok, now, what could I do to get benefit from it? I’m sure, you’ll find some good point of each weakness. You can use them for your own good, instead of trying to get rid of it or thinking how to ignore them.

It’s normal to have weakness -nobody is perfect.

There isn’t anything on your weakness list that can’t be a strength for
you if you think about it long enough. The problem is, our weaknesses
embarrass us. But embarrassment is not real thinking. Once we really
start thinking about our weaknesses they can become strengths, and
creative possibilities emerge.”

Good luck on working on this!


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