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Step 97. Connect truth to beauty

“One of the great self-deceptions,is to tell oneself,
only I will know.’ Only I will know that I am a liar; only I will know
that I deal unethically with people who trust me; only I will know that I
have no intention of honoring my promise. The implication is that my
judgment is unimportant and that only the judgment of others counts.”
Branden’s writing on personal integrity is inspiring because it’s directed
at creating a happier and stronger self, not at a universal appeal for
One of the ways we describe a work of art that is sloppy and unfinished
is as “a mess.” The problem with
lying, or lying by omission, is that it leaves everything so
incomplete—in a mess. Truth always completes the picture—any
picture. And when a picture is complete, whole, and integrated, we see
it as “beautiful.”
I’ll even hear about people—usually people who you can’t believe about
anything—described as “a mess.” And conversely, a person who you
can always count on to be honest with you is often referred to as a
“beautiful” person. Truth and beauty become impossible to separate.
Truth leads you to a more confident level in your relationships with
others and with yourself. It diminishes fear and increases your sense of
personal mastery. Lies and half-truths will always weigh you down,
whereas truth will clear up your thinking and give you the energy and
clarity needed for self-motivation.”


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