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Step 98. Read yourself a story

Wind Energy

 (Photo credit: janie.hernandez55)

… well, since the day I’ve started this blog, it have passed way more than 100 days… Anyway, I’m almost finishing my adventure towards self motivation. This week I haven’t written anything, because I was in one seminar and I was completely out of the world and not ready to concentrate to myself.

But I had an opportunity to adapt my steps to the real life. Couple of weeks ago my ex and our friends came to visit me. I didn’t expect, but it was very hard for me to see him again. I had to hide my eyes, my face and my tears all the weekend. I realised that I still love him, and it was very hard to see him so handsome and so nice person… When they left, all my energy and motivation was gone. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of time for recovering it, ’cause next day I was already with people from other countries, and I had to be me again. So somehow I spent few moments with myself, and later stopped being alone and went with some girls to walk in the mountain. When I came back, all the negative emotions were gone. I hope, I will be magaging this better and better.

And the lesson for today is very easy:

“Any time you have an opportunity to read something that is important
to you, try reading it aloud and see if you don’t make twice the
impression on yourself. When
you discover something you want to remember, and draw upon in the
future, read it aloud.”

It’s about the ability to speak and also to listen and to hear. Quite often we are listening, but not hearing. This is the important thing to learn.


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