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Step 99. Laugh for no reason


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few days ago one portuguese woman said me the best thing in my life: “Never grow up. Stay as you are now.” Probably I won’t ever forget this and I will always try to stay a little bit like a kid. I’m not the one who is curious and pays attention to some details or always gets surprised by anything. No, but I’m the one who is not ashamed to look ridicolous, I’m not afraid to make some crazy, funny things and I don’t care what other people would think. Quite often I behave like little kids behave – enjoy stupid things, get into some games, and enjoy them from the depth of my heart. Yes, it’s me, and I’m glad I don’t play this “I’m a serious adult” game. I’m 27, but I sometimes still have this joy of a little kid.

This is what S.Chandler talks about in this chapter. He says laugh for no reason. He suggests don’t wait until the happiness to come, but to act if it has come already.

When I was living in Madrid, I was thinking – “I’m not ok now, but when I get a job, everything will be ok and I will be happy”. I was waiting for something to happen to feel good. But it didnt’ happen. I’ve found a job. Actually, 3 jobs. And I felt better, of course, but it was not what I expected. Later I realised how stupid was living and thinking – later I will be happy. The moment of happiness is now and if we want to be happy – we should be.

“We do not
sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing.” – William James, USA philosopher

Happiness, motivation is not some condition, it’s a state of mind which is controlled by ourselves. It’s not easy, sometimes it’s easier to let ourselves go and feel pitty instead of making some effort to feel at least a bit more motivated. Anyway, once we understand that we are the reasons of our moods, we will start to control them.

Good luck!

1 more step left and I’m done.



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