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Step 100. Walk with love and death


So, here I am… After 5 months… Step by step… With little breaks, ups and downs, but I’m here – the last step. I didn’t believe I will arrive here… But I did. I did it!

And the last step talks about the fear. The fear we all have and the fear which doesn’t let us do the things we wanna do. We look at others, who live their dreams and think, that they are special ones, the chosen ones, because they don’t have that fear. But we don’t think, that they have it, they have it everyday, just they face it and fight it.

Last week I was talking with one hungarian girl. She is studying law.

– Do like what you are studying? – I asked her.

– No, I try to find it interesting, but it’s not always interesting. – she said.

– But why do you study it if you don’t like it?

– Well, I like history and I think, it’s very important to know the law in our society. Also I could work in the company of my father.

– Ah, so this is what you’d like to do?

– No, well, I will try, maybe I like.

– And what is what you’d like to do?

–  To travel. I’d really like to travel.

It was very sad to hear this… A person has dreams, but does what he/she is expected to do… The person, which is driven through the life by the fear.

And it’s not easy, god, it’s not easy to face with the fear. Fight with it. Find the strenght, and motivation to do it. Never give up, even when the support of the family and friends is lost.

But we shouldn’t ever forget that the only one thing which stops us from making our dreams to come true – is a fear to fail. On the other hand, in Lithuania we said: the one who doesn’t take a risk, doesn’t drink champain.

It’s up to us. It’s up to us what we choose. Be victims. Be the ones who pitty themselves and their lifes. Or be happy.

I chose to be happy.

I chose it 5 months ago. And I’m still on it.

It’s not the end. It’s the start of my new path.


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