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30 days experiment: day 1.


So, today I have started my 30 days experiment during which next month I will be taking pictures each day, do morning exercises, read 2h in total and won´t eat buns and won´t check FB in the mornings.

I will be posting pictures each day.

Like it happens always, the first day started with some adventures. I had to change my profession and to become a plumber. It was my first time when I had to fix the sink, so I hope that everything is ok. But it´s not the main point.

The thing is, that of course, I took a picture of myself and later I forgot the card in my computer. So, I left home earlier, before meeting my friends and having a meeting about the establishing of club of anthropologist, I wanted to make some shots. As I took a camera and opened it, I found out, that I didn´t have the card and the was little space left in the camera. So, I took just two pictures, one of which I´m going to put here.

The lesson of today is, that if I leave home with camera, I should leave it with camera card also, because today is not the first time it happens to me.

The rest of the things went quite well – I made some exercise, and I will read in the evening.

So, here is my shot of today:




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