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30 days experiment: day 13.

Sometimes I wonder, what do the old people think. Are they thinking about the future, or do they just want to get safely from one point to another? Do they remember their youth and later complain about the present or do they enjoy the moment? Do they need love or they care just about daily stuff how to eat, be healty and have one more day of life? 

As in our society old people aren’t necessary, sometimes being old asociates me with sadness…

Kaunas, 2013

Kaunas, 2013


2 thoughts on “30 days experiment: day 13.

  1. Funny enough my mm said ot me the other day she feels like 60 , and she is almost 87, and has trouble walking. You are only as old as you feel….do you feel your age???? I don’t either I feel younger too. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s an interesting thing with the age, as I suppose, there is a physical age and, let’s call it, mental one. The first one is about your body, which has some processes of getting old, having troubles to move, or sleep little like in study times… But on the other hand, the motivation, the taste of life we have probably shouldn’t die any moment. Last year I met on man from Scotland, when I was doing Santiago Way, he was 74 and did the Santiago Way for the second time. When I walked with him, i had to run after him for not to stay behind… 😀

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