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30 days experiment: day 20.

Spring, 2013

Spring, 2013

There is some unexplainable feeling when I see blooming trees outside. It means, that spring is coming. I know, probably in the rest of the world spring has already came one month ago, but we are late in Lithuania. As always and everywhere.

Anyway. It’s a joy to see this happening. It’s like a new circle of the existence – new born, new growing up, and dying again. But not now. Now – blooming, growing up. Just like me – the circle has made a round and everyday I’m moving more and more. The peace and calmness are my friends now. And the most important thing which I’m lately working on – the most stable thing of life is the fact that it is unstable. Everything is moving and changing, nothing lasts forever. That’s why there is always a reason to live – to see what’s waiting for us tomorrow.


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