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500 likes: THANK YOU ALL!


Six months and two weeks… That’s the “age” of my blog. Started with one thing, I went on with another, and I’m still surprised, that it’s still alive. More than alive! Today it reached 500 likes! 

I’d like to thank everyone who is reading, following, liking, commenting it. It could sound like a lie, but it is really important for me. It gives me the feeling that I’m doing this not only for myself, but in some part for others. It’s amazing, that in this running world somebody still stops by my blog and finds a moment to take a look at it. THANK YOU!

And special THANKS goes to Stephen Liddell, who was the 500th like! 🙂 If I could, I would give you a present, but now I can only say big thanks from my heart.

501st was Utesmile, who is always following, liking me and giving me amazing awards 🙂 Thanks for you, and for your eternal optimism you share with us in your blog.

500… it’s a really huge number to thank everyone personally, so I’ll just repeat myself one more time – THANK YOU, EVERYONE! REALLY! This is a song for you all:


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