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30 days experiment: day 21.

Elephants are big animals, with small eyes and huge ears. They have a good memory and hardly ever forget the places they have been, never repeating a path that once proved itself to be dangerous. They live in groups and look after each other carefully. If they happen to see the bones of another elephant that belonged to the group, they make a loud noise and let the others know that one of them is gone, so that they can come and silently say goodbye.

But, most importantly, the elephants are obedient creatures, and although they are careful and calm most of the time, if the leader of the group calls for a specific task, the others instinctively obey, passing over anything that is in front of them, destroying any obstacle that comes in their way, and becoming insensible to pain or fatigue – it is practically impossible to stop an elephant when it is answering the master’s call… see more here



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