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Look for the home, untouched by the death…


SeatedBuddhaGandhara2ndCentury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… once there was a woman who had a baby, which died soon after it was born. Poor woman cried out here eyes and went out to look for some help. She came to Buddha and asked: “Could you help me to resurrect my child?” Buddha told her: “Of course, but first of all, you have to bring me a glass of water from the house which was never touched by death.” The woman agreed and left his place to look for this glass of water. She came to the city, and went to one house, asking if they have suffered the death. The people said, that yes. She passed to the second place… and heard the same. Later third… fourth… fifth… until she came back to Buddha and said: “I understand what you wanted to tell me. Before I thought, that I’m the only one to whom this has passed, but I am not. Everybody has faced the death at least once in their lifetime” (“The book of life and death of Tibet”)

This short story shows us how sometimes we jump into our lives, our situations and feel like we are the only one who suffer from some pain. We forget about others and see just ourselves, while everyone of us in some moment of life is passing through the same tough times. The pain of others is not the same, it’s smaller. Is it true? Is it really true?

When I think, that others have passed through the same as I do/did, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I don’t put this feeling of being “special” and having to face this. And in these moments it’s really easier to understand that everything what happens, is normal, it makes me grow and if somebody else survived after it, I will be able to do this too.

Knowing that things happen to everyone, brings me down from my idealistic world, and says that this is the reality and I have to face it as it is. Having accepted it, the peace comes into my heart.

When I see the real world, not the candy one which I used to see, I love my life even more. It seems even more interesting and more attractive. Even though, sometimes I really feel like I still want to slap it to its face. 🙂


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