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Be more optimistic (part 2.1)

Quite convincing argument about optimism

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Hello and welcome to our second part of our “Be more optimistic” series, if you haven’t read part 1 you should go read it first:

Be More optimistic (part 1)

Last week we talked about optimism as a state of mind, today we are going to focus on optimism and the physical aspects of it, so here is where we continue.

More and more researches show the physical, psychological and even economic benefits that generates an optimistic attitude towards life. Allied partners such as courage, hope, confidence, passion, perseverance and enthusiasm can transform our reality and make us happier

Do optimism and pessimism have anything to do with our health? Is there some kind of correspondence between optimism-pessimism and our performance? These are the two of the questions that we will try to approach in this second part. But first let’s see what we understand by pessimism-optimism.

Psychologists say that…

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