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Back to the beggining

San Juan, San Sebastian, 2013

San Juan, San Sebastian, 2013

To make the memories into ashes. To make it dissapear for having space for new lessons and experiences. Circle of life. Things come and go.

Last week my ex told me he has almost closed the door. He doesn’t love me anymore. I can’t describe the feeling I had. Huge deception and pain, it seemed like the sky was falling on me, but on the other hand… I felt like I was free again. Emotionally. Like realising, that I can’t wait anymore and I can’t lie to myself that he loves me and he’ll come back. I was feeding myself with this lie since he left, even though I always knew he won’t come back. And now there is a big hole inside of me, emptiness, but also some kind of happiness and faith, that probably everything will be ok. Maybe it was really not our way to make it together, if he didn’t find it worth to give us the possibility knowing how amazing we were. Some kind of relief is in my heart. And a little bit of sadness, but not the pain anymore.



2 thoughts on “Back to the beggining

  1. Thank you. I feel like I’m born again, that I’m really living my life, I feel like my eyes are shining again and I want to drink every drop of the life. It’s strange to live in a world without love, but everything comes step by step, I suppose.

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