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Taking is borrowing and sharing is giving debts back


Norway 2014

… because what else is life about if not sharing?

What else is life about if not rising and falling, but always keeping on moving?

What else is life about if not giving back what you’ve taken when you needed?

What’s the point of learning, travelling, experiencing if everything what we live and manage, stays in our memories, or, is being told during the dinner with friends while drinking 3rd bottel of wine?

I’ve been talking to one my friend about how failed we felt in our lives, compared with our classmates from journalism studies which we finished 5 years ago. Some of them has already travelled around the world, published a book, established a perspective company, others became TV News directors, or were awarded by many international magazines for their amazing pictures or short movies and front page of National Geography.

But at the same time we smiled, looked at each other and realized that everything we say, is not true. Right, we haven’t done the things others did, but neither did they do what we did. We lived in other countries, we learnt about them, we met people, we started masters which we’ll finish in couple of months. We travelled as well, we lived as well. BUT. We still haven’t given back what we were given. All the stories I have from my travels – are amazing, and they make me smile when I remember them, but what’s the point if I only tell them to random people I meet on my way?

This is how I started to think, that life is giving something to us, teaching something, but later we have to share learned lessons, we have to in-act  them. Collect the experience and use it for higher purposes. For inspiring somebody to do what you’ve done, for teaching what you’ve learnt, for adapting new things in your old environment.  This is the way the life could be changed.

It feels like, I’m reevaluaating my life and getting ready for something new.

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