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One more self-motivating blog?

Is it really not enough self-motivating blogs, where everybody is talking about happiness, choices, thoughts and ways to find out the inner peace? Is it really necessary to create one more just to repeat what was said and what is quite obvious?  No, probably not. So, nobody is obligated to enter and read. I’m going to do this for me and myself. Not for anyone else. I need a therapy, I need some obligation now, I need some daily responsibility, so that’s why I’m starting my new blog (third one already) and where I’m going to put 100 ways of motivating one’s self. It’s not my discovery, I just found out one book, which I’m going to read and I’m going to learn and become a different person.

Why do I do that? I was always quite sceptical about this kind of things – popular psychology, 100 magical ways of changing your life, or any other things. I thought, it was a bullshit, because these things are so obvious, that there is no point to talk about. Although, I have arrived to the moment of my life, when my cheese was stolen , and I had to do something to get that cheese back. By “cheese” here I mean “me, myself”. Just in 6 months I’ve lost my hopes, beliefs, wishes, the most important person in my life, the family, circle of people which in some case could be called friends and the life I’ve been creating over last 3 years. In less words – I’ve lost myself. I was standing in the country I didn’t want to be after the break with the person I love the most, and I realised  that I don’t have anything else in my life.

After some weeks of pain, sleepless nights, thinkings, despair, ignorance of the people, I realised, that there is nothing else left to lose, so now is the time to stand up, look for the ways to motivate myself and go back for my cheese. I am not doing this for the person I love, it’s for me, because I want to be with that person. And even if he thinks that my love for him is just a chemistry, the way he made me feel, the way I treated him and was treated by him, for me was not the chemistry. I loved these years which we had together and I don’t want anything different. I’m not counting the days we will get back together, even though, I have the hope, because the feelings still haven’t dissappeared. And if it won’t happen, I will know that I’ve had the best 3 years in my life.

So, what’s my plan? To learn. First of all, I have to learn to be patient. Second, what I’ve already done, is to rely only on myself and don’t let me have negative thoughts. I know, that there is mood-thought-action connection, so I need to keep this always in my mind and work on it.

On my computer desktop I have  Steve’s Chandler’s book “100 ways to motivate yourself“. I’m going to read this book little by little, I’ll try to do it in 100 days, and learn every lesson of it. I will write my blog everyday to tell myself about what was I doing, how it was and what have I felt. It will be a mini therapy for me and my job to start to believe in me again.

During this time I promise myself to pay attention to my feelings, to try to recognize them and to keep the positive mind all the time. I know, it will be hard moments when I want to leave all this thing and stop it, but I am promising myself not to do that. I’m choosing to be happy, so if I fail, the happiness wouldn’t come.

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