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Me, myself and I

2013, March

2013, March

First of all it was not about me. First of all it was about my struggle with the changes in life. Huge and unpleasant ones. First of all it was a plan to save myself from falling down and apart.

Now is about me. Is about how I made and how I’m still making it. It’s about the ways of making the daily life more colorful and more interesting, more exiting.

It’s about a fear and how it makes us not to fulfill our dreams. It’s about silent dreams, shared with some unknown people, with imagined community, as B.Anderson would say.

It’s about my way towards a better self.


Who am I? I’m a 27 years lithuanian student of master of Social Anthropology with a background of journalism. Lately I can’t get rid of looking at people and trying to find the patterns of their behaviour. I’m not a professional yet, but I’m thinking, that maybe I’m already on my way. I’ve always wanted to work with people and about people. I always wanted to know and understand everything. And if I can write about it – I will. Everything is about to learn, I’m not an expert, neither a writer. I’m just a passenger in my life train who is learning to enjoy her crazy and unpredictable ride.

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