30 days experiment: day 1.


So, today I have started my 30 days experiment during which next month I will be taking pictures each day, do morning exercises, read 2h in total and won´t eat buns and won´t check FB in the mornings.

I will be posting pictures each day.

Like it happens always, the first day started with some adventures. I had to change my profession and to become a plumber. It was my first time when I had to fix the sink, so I hope that everything is ok. But it´s not the main point.

The thing is, that of course, I took a picture of myself and later I forgot the card in my computer. So, I left home earlier, before meeting my friends and having a meeting about the establishing of club of anthropologist, I wanted to make some shots. As I took a camera and opened it, I found out, that I didn´t have the card and the was little space left in the camera. So, I took just two pictures, one of which I´m going to put here.

The lesson of today is, that if I leave home with camera, I should leave it with camera card also, because today is not the first time it happens to me.

The rest of the things went quite well – I made some exercise, and I will read in the evening.

So, here is my shot of today:



New 30 days challenge

I strongly recommend to watch this short video about trying something new for 30 days. The guy, Matt Cutts, is very charming and motivating. I look at him, and it seems, I believe myself. And as this year for me is self trying, self discovering year, I will try something new for one month. What wrong could happen? That I will fail? But at least I will have tried.

There is nothing special what we should do, it’s just next 30 days do something or don’t do something. And the habit will appear. According to M.Cutts – I’d like to see if it’s true 🙂 Ass Matt says,The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days?”

So, next 30 days I will:

– Take a picture every day. (It doesn’t mean that I’ll take any picture, I will try to take some good one).

– Dedicate 1 hour of my day for non study book reading.

– Dedicate 1 hour of my day for study books reading (apart of the must-read ones for classes. It should be kind of extra reading)

– Do 10 min. exercise in the mornings.

And next 30 days I won’t:

– Eat buns at all.

– Enter to FB in the mornings.

Who’s with me? What are you going to do next 30 days? Let’s colaborate, make this experiment together and share our stories! I promise to publish the best stories in my blog. Are you in? 🙂