30 things we MUST stop doing to ourselves

30 things we MUST stop doing to ourselves

I know… It’s been a while… a long while since my last post… I’ve lived in San Sebastian, in Copenhagen, I’ve visited Norway, Denmark, Slovaquia, Hungary, Sweden during this time… I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve made friends, I’ve lost them, I kissed, I huged, I’ve been lonely, I’ve been happy. I’ve done a lot, and nothing at the same time… And now, the wish, the need for writing is coming back to me.

I guess, the concept of this blog will be different at some point… Or no. I don’t know. But I’m promising myself to get back on track. And write. About something. Something what is in my mind and needs to be written.

Here is the link: 30 things we MUST stop doing to ourselves. No comments needed. But how many times we’re repeating all of this?